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What is GDAC™?

The Global Data Asset Collaborative™ (GDAC™) is the world’s first privacy preserving multi-company database for machine learning-ready transformer data. VIA launched GDAC™ with cutting-edge utility members Hawaiian Electric and Vector in 2019. Today, VIA is reducing the risk of grid transformer failures worldwide. GDAC™ informs predictive maintenance, replacement, and purchasing decisions. The analytics provide members with a transformer-level condition ranking for their entire fleet, as well as 10 year predictions, and condition and cost benchmarks across members.

Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers
Across GDAC™ Member Fleets

Here’s a snapshot of the Top 10 transformer manufacturers. This list accounts for roughly 85% of the entire GDAC™ member fleets. The manufacturers listed includes any subsidiaries and/or acquired companies.

Transformer Size Based on MVA Rating
Across GDAC™ Member Fleets

This chart shows the size of transformers (by category) based on MVA ratings. This chart accounts for nearly all GDAC™ member fleets.

How Does Your Fleet Compare?